Welcome to 2017


Off shoulder top from Saint Tropez


Hi ladies,

A new year has begun. For some this means the beginning of a new chapter, for others life goes on as usual – meaning January 1st was just a day like any other. I don’t know whether or not I believe in new year resolutions, but I kind of like the idea of a clean slate. A clean slate means that you can start over, and put the past behind you. Only taking whatever educational life lessons you may have had along the way with you. I like that. This year I will seek to be more present. I will seek to be kinder. To give back to those who have given me so much, and to those in need.


I realise that I am privileged, and that being in such a position comes with a certain form of responsibility. In a time with so much war, negativity and hate it is important to give whatever you can, to make others feel just a little bit better than they did before. Whether it is sending someone a welcoming smile, offer a helping hand or giving a donation to charity. It all counts.

We all need to acknowledge each other more and be present. That is what I will be reminding myself this year..


Xoxo Josefine


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