The most wonderful time of the year


Jacket from Saint Tropez


Hi ladies,

Are you all set for Christmas? Today I went on the big hunt for Christmas presents to my family, and oh what a nightmare. First off, the traffic is just mad around the holidays. Second, there are people EVERYWHERE! Perhaps I picked the wrong day to shop (I might be a little Grinch-ish today), or perhaps I shouldn’t buy all of the presents on the same day. I tell you, it was stressful!


But at least I am somewhat done now. All I need now is to find my outfit. I can’t decide if I am going for a cute velvet pantsuit or an oversize onsie (more room for food). Nevertheless, I can’t wait to go back home, be around my family and to eat my dads delicious christmas dinner. Is there anything like roasted duck, sugared potatoes and gravy? I think not!


I hope you all are feeling the holiday spirit, and that you remember to smile and be helpful in the midst of all the chaotic madness.

Xoxo Josefine


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