A well deserved break


Knitted sweater from Saint Tropez


Hi ladies,

I am in the midst of my exam period, and I have a thousand things on my mind. If you could open my head up and have a look inside, I am sure it would look like a jigsaw puzzle in there. A huge pile of bits and pieces that are incredibly hard to connect. I really struggle to keep all of the info in my head structured, and lately my nights have been sleepless because I can’t seem to collect my thoughts well enough to relax. BUT tomorrow it will all be over (for now), and I can’t wait to calm down and have myself a well deserved break.


I have been stressing about this exam the past month, making it impossible to enjoy the simple things like, hanging out with a friend, or casual family time back home. Somehow, the worries will sneak up on me, and I find myself trying to solve complex economic problems in the middle of a conversation, making it absolutely impossible to pay attention to what is being said.


I simply can’t wait for this to be over, so that my anxiety can have a rest, and I can be my normal self again. Do you know this feeling?

Wish me luck tomorrow!

Xoxo Josefine


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