26 – what now?


Long blazer from Saint Tropez


When I was a kid, my deepest fear about growing up was getting my wisdom teeth pulled, or having to do housework.. If only that was the hardest part! Turning 26 had me thinking; even though I am technically an adult, the fact that I still have my wisdom teeth must count as still being somewhat young. At least that is what I keep telling myself.


I am stunned that so many people my age are already starting to act like ‘real’ adults. I see a lot of my friends getting married, having babies and posting statuses about their latest and very significant job on Linkedin. Everything seems to be happening all at once and at the speed of light. And then it hit me. I am just not there yet. Sometimes I feel like I am falling behind, in that norm society has created for us. Maybe especially for us women! A puzzling thought occurred to me.. Are we supposed to hurry? Or are we supposed to blossom at our own pace? Do we have the time and the privilege to wait? Where do we need to get to in life and when? These are questions I speculate about from time to time.


Some of my close friends have been ready for this since we were in highschool, and I can’t help but wonder: What on earth is wrong with me? Am I simply too immature? Am I too selfish? Is it because I am a feminist?  Questions.. So many questions. I know I still have my studies, but thinking about having all of that (kids, hubby, job) in two years when I finish my degree, still scares the living shizzle out of me – pardon my french! When people ask me about this, they think it is because I am career minded or that I have some super clever political view as to why I am holding back on these matters. I just have to believe that everything is due in its own time, and for me the time is just not now. And that is ok! I am not in a hurry – I am sure I will get there soon enough.

And with that thought, I am going to enjoy my youth for as long as it may last – with or without my wisdom teeth.

Xoxo Josefine ❤


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