All about the bomber


Bomber jacket and coated jeans from Saint Tropez


Hi lovlies ❤

So… I just received this amazing new bomber jacket from Saint Tropez. Bombers are the IT item for fall – a must have for any wardrobe. It is easily spiced up, by wearing it over your shoulders with jeans and pumps (like I do in the pictures), or you can dress it down by wearing your most comfy outfit, but still be looking effortlessly sporty.



The jeans, I absolutely LOVE! I feel like coated jeans often tend to get scratched and the coatedness seem to wear off quite fast. But I have been wearing these almost non stop since I got them, and…. not a SCRATCH! And I even have an incredibly energetic dog, who loves jumping up and sitting in my lap.


I hope you’ve got all of your fall-items at hand, otherwise it is time to go and check out what is new 🙂

Have a great day!!

Xoxo Josefine ❤

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