Velvet Summer


Hey dolls

Long time no see… I’ve been so busy with school, but now I can relax because I have finally got my degree in economics, so now it’s time to enjoy the beautiful summer in Copenhagen … well before I head off to Spain again.

The thing I love the most about Copenhagen is the summer. You can feel the positive energy, the streets are filled with people just enjoying life. Everything just becomes more beautiful in the summer. We dont have so much sun in Denmark during the seasons, but when we finally do, people here appreciate it so much, and that, you can really feel during the summer.

When the weather is good I usualy like to visit the attractions, even though I have seen them so many times, but I can’t help it, summer in Copenhagen is amazing.

As we know Velvet took the Fall 2015 runways by storm: Booties, bags, dresses, and more were covered in the plush fabric. So the trend is continuing this year as well…I am wearing our new green velvet/velour dress in Copenhagen this beautiful day.



Velvet is usually known as a expensive and luxurious fabric, that is made from linen, mohair, silk and wool. But because of it’s material and price, lot of designers use Velour which is similar to velvet but made of cotton, knit or synthetics. And this is amazing for us who can’t afford velvet. So I am enjoying our new velour dress from our new collection, and I am just in love with it.




Beautiful Amalienborg Palace


My dress matches the Gefion Fountain (hehe) ❤

This day has been so amazing, and well spent with good friends, who are willing to take pictures of me, even though I am sometimes annoying with that (haha) well what are good friends for. ❤

IMG_6397 (1)

Thank you dolls for reading 🙂

I hope you enjoy your summer as much as I am, be safe and dont forget to use sunscreen ❤


Isidora <3<3<3







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