New York City

Denim jacket from Saint Tropez

Hi Ladies,

I just returned from a trip to “The City of Dreams” aka. New York City. As I told you in my previous post, my sister and I had planned a trip for my mom for her 60th birthday. We had such a nice time, and took home a lot of great memories.

One thing I noticed about New York streetstyle is that everyone was wearing denim jackets. Fortunately for me – I had brought one myself, and I think I blended in perfectly. A true New Yorker (jk). The weather was kind of shifty, so I had to have a light jacket with me every day, and I ended up wearing only the denim jacket even though I brought several.


Denim just never seems to go out of style. I am so glad I got to flaunt mine all over Manhattan. From Times Square to Brooklyn.. Everywhere I went, so did the denim jacket.





On the last day of our trip, we decided to do something adventurous. We wanted the full New York experience, so of course we had to take a helicopter tour up and down Manhattan, to get a full view of the amazing skyline. We had booked an early flight to make sure we had nice sunny weather – and so we did! It was an incredible experience. One I will treasure for a long time.

Denim jacket from Saint Tropez & Denim jeans from Saint Tropez.




That’s all for now, I hope you are enjoying this incredible weather! I sure am 🙂

Xoxo Josefine



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