Palmtrees and stripes


Hi dolls

I am having the greatest time in Spain. The sun and the heat just makes life so much better. I am currently staying in Fuengirola, Malaga, but we have been driving around Marbella and Mijas as well. Me and my friend were supposted to stay here for 1 week, but we enjoyed it so much that we just had to rebook our plane ticket and stay 1 week longer.


Everything is just so relaxed and easy here, so you dont need to think about your outfits and makeup so much as you ussually do back in Copenhagen. And for a vaccation like this, I feel that the simplest ideas are just the best, thats why I went with stripes. Stripes are very easy to work with, combine it with a colourful bag or acceories, then you have a simple but nice outfit. I seriously  liked this shirt so much that I needed to get the darker colour as well. ❤


Puerto Banus Marbella Spain



I didnt get a chance to take so many pictures this day because my phone died. Those Iphones just have the worst battery ever :/ .

Well I think I will go now… we are going out to danse salsa tonight 🙂 wish me luck I am not the best at this kind of dancing 😛 ❤


Isidora ❤


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