Little surprises


Off shoulder blouse from Saint Tropez 


Hi ladies,

I recently went back home to Vejle to do something very special. This year my mom turns 60 – and I thought I would surprise her with a gift she wouldn’t expect to recieve. So I packed a bag and took the bus (three hours) from Copenhagen to my hometown. My sister was in on the surprise, so she picked me up at the bus station, and together we went to our mums house. When we knocked on her door she looked super confused by our pressense and asked if anything was wrong, since we just showed up at her door step like that.

We asked her to sit down for a minute, and to open up a box with a pink bow, that we brought for her. We told her we were there to give her this special gift, and that we loved her very much. When she opened the box, she looked even more confused. Inside the box were three passports and 13$. She kept looking at the content of the box with a huge questionmark in her expression. My sister coughed to catch my moms attention.



When she looked up, we were holding a sign saying: “We’re going to New York in three weeks!” She got so excited – she even cried a little (sorry mom – love you)! She had always wanted to see New York, and now she is going with her daughters. I am so happy that I have been able to do this for her, and I can’t wait to go to the Big Apple with the most importaint women in my life!

Mom – I love you and you deserve everything you want in life! I am sure we are going to have a memorable trip, the three of us ❤ Happy 60 birthday!

Xoxo Josefine

Danish translation on its way!


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