Get moving with Athleisure


Saint Tropez Athleisure collection – Get it here!



Hi ladies.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the holidays, and had an amazing New Years eve. I surely did, and I am so ready to take on 2016! I was asked to try out the new Athleisure sports wear collection, so I took it for a test drive at an outdoor workout facility near my home. My BF and I had a short outdoor training session to kickstart the new year – and the outfit was just perfect. I have often had training tights that were a little too short for my legs, but these fit perfectly, and they even have a small key pocket, if you are going for a run and don’t have a place to put your keys.




The jacket kept me warm the whole time – I could even easily imagine wearing this over my regular outfits. It’s actually a little too pretty/ fashionable to be a sports jacket 😀



So get moving you guys 🙂 A new yar awaits – let’s stay healthy and happy!


Xoxo Josefine



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