Nude …

IMG_5598          IMG_5599

“Nude” farver, som også kaldes pudderfarver, var sommerens helt store hit. Men du kan glæde dig, da disse farver også bliver superhotte over vinteren. “Nude” er god at kombinere med skarpe farver, da det giver en god kontrast. Jeg har valgt at kombinere denne lækre, hullede, rullekrave bluse med vores “baggy” herre buks og vores mohair uld strik. Jeg er selv helt forelsket i dette outfit, LOVEEEE IT. Casual and Classy. 

Nude colours where such a big hit this summer, but they are not “out” yet. It seems like that nudes are going to be “in” for quite a while. Nudes are back this winter and it is amazing. These colours are a good combination with sharp colours as purple. I have chosen to combine this nude, punched, turtleneck blouse with our baggy pants and our mohair wool cardigan. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEEE this outfit. Casual and Classy.


Bluse /Shirt 399,95 DKK

Bukser/ Pants 399,95 DKK

Strik / Cardigan 699,95 DKK



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