The thing about turning 25




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… is that, nothing is as you would have expected. Remember your old friendship books from when you were 12 years old, where you’d be sharing facts about yourself like, your top three crushes, five things you’d bring on a deserted island and predicting what your future would look like?

“Describe your life ten years from now” it said. I remember answering: “I will be married, have two kids, an awesome car, a dog and a house. I will be working as a singer and making a lot of money, travelling the world.”

I can’t really say that my current situation is as glamorous as my 12 year old self had predicted. But in fact – life is pretty good. Being 25 isn’t too shabby at all – even though the number is kind of terrifying (my 30 year old self will probably be cringing up and cussing myself out for thinking this).


I wonder what my life will look like in ten years… Surely not as expected, but then again what can you really expect?


Xoxo Josefine


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