Enjoying life in sunny Benidorm


Dress from Saint Tropez – get it HERE!


Hi everyone

This week I am high on life in sunny Benidorm. The temperature is just above 24 degrees celsius, which is just right for a hangout at the beach.

This escape was just what I needed. It has given me a little time to reflect on my bachelor assignment, and just get away for a bit. Sometimes you have to treat your body and mind with some good relaxation in beautiful surroundings. Take a break and just breathe. Enjoy life. As simple as that.



I have packed my new favorite beach dress – this cute pink thing from Saint Tropez! The fabric is light, and comes with a belt you can tie around your waist. It’s just one of those dresses every girl needs in her wardrobe.

Well, I am off to the tanning bed. I hope you are enjoying life as much as I am!

Xoxo Josefine

One Comment Add yours

  1. natasjasarah says:

    That looks sooooo Nice Jose! 🙂 Enjoy the lovely weather 🙂

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