Taking my time


Printed tunic and trench coat from Saint Tropez!


Hi ladies.

I hope you all are doing great on this fine monday evening! Lately I have been focusing on taking my time to do things that make me feel good. The past few months I have felt uninspired, lazy and constantly tired. Being a student, this condition is demotivating and disruptive for the learning process. So I thought to myself, that I needed time to renew myself, to get healthy and well again.

So in stead of hitting the couch, surfing on Facebook, ordering take-out and just laying around as I have been doing for months, I have been eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and green tea and working out. One of the best things I have done for myself, is taking yoga classes. This really helps me to clear my head from all the multiple impressions and impulses that influence me during busy days.

This tiny little change has given me so much renewed energy, and now I get things done, that I normally wouldn’t have been able to grasp because of my lack of energy and motivation.


I feel much more positive and satisfied with myself. Not only is my body responding well to the change, my mind is also way sharper! I only see perks in this change, even though  I really miss chocolate and bacon. BUT, a weekly cheat day makes up for that 🙂

I definitely recommend anyone who is struggling with lack of energy and difficulty focusing, to try and make some of these small changes. You don’t have to sign up for the gym straight away. A long sunny walk in this incredible spring weather will do you wonders! And if you try skipping sugary foods and drinks, you are already half way there. It’s all about adjustment. It gets easier every day!


Xoxo Josefine

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  1. jummejumme says:

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  2. lderringer says:

    Ive really been struggling to lack of energy and motivation lately. Theres a lot of life chance coming my way and when that happens I just want to lay around and eat junk haha. I’m trying to avoid that this time though. Yoga is something I really need to look into.

  3. Such a cute spring outfit, love it!

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