What type of colours suit you the best?


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Hi ladies.

I recently came across an article on OOTD Magazine explaining which colours suit you, depending on your hair and skin type. I really liked this, as I found it quite helpful. So if you are struggling with finding colours that match your complexion – read along 🙂

Fall Type
The autumn type has a dark to light brown skin and brown or green eyes. Also, you have red, dark brown, brown or black hair.

Warm autumn colors suit you best. Consider source brown, dark blue, khaki and cream. Also golden yellow, orange, reddish brown, moss green, eggplant and tomato red are nice for you. Combine these color with gold jewelry. Avoid white.

Winter Type
Do you have a light or light brown skin, black or dark brown hair and have brown, gray or blue eyes?

Bright and especially bright colors are a match for you. Black, navy blue, chocolate brown, wine red, yellow, fuschia pink and white look awesome on you too. Combine your outfit with silver jewelry. Avoid pastels and orange or gold tones.

Spring Type
As a spring type you have blond, reddish or golden brown hair. You have a warm, light skin and possibly freckles. Your eyes are green or blue.

Especially pastel colors work well for you. Consider: green gray, creamy white, peach, orange, coral and old pink. Combine the colors with gold jewelry. Avoid cool colors, and choose (just like the autumn type) cream over white.

Summer Type
You have a very pale skin and blond hair. Your eyes are blue, green or gray.

Pastel shades and cool, blue-ish colors are great. Also, blue, gray, powder pink and lavender purple are good matches. In terms of accessories silver suits you. Avoid orange or yellow colors.

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