Here comes the sun!


Suede wrap skirt from Saint Tropez – get it HERE!


Hi ladies 🙂

This weekend has been marvellous. I have been visiting my home town in Jutland, to spend some quality time with my family, after being stuck with my head in the books, preparing this semesters exams. Every time go back home I realise just how amazing the nature surrounding the city is. The fjord and the woods are some of the things I miss most, when living in Copenhagen. This weekend, the sun was shining bright, making the snow shimmer like little tiny crystals, and the blue sky was reflecting itself on the still water. Just beautiful. And perfect for a little outdoor photoshoot!


The wind was very weak, so even though I was wearing a skirt – I wasn’t cold at all. The scene we found in the park was truly magical, and made me feel at ease. I could just breathe out and forget all the stress I had been through during the past few weeks and just enjoy being in the moment. I love moments like this 🙂


I hope you have had as great a weekend as I have.

Xoxo Josefine


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