Christmas vacation in England

I’ve just been on a wonderful vacation in the Christmas decorated England, so now I’m in a good Christmas mood and so ready for Christmas Eve in a week 🙂 I have also already bought all the presents. Wuhu!

I went on vacation to Birmingham and London with my parents, my boyfriend, Hans-Kristian, and my parents in law. Hans-Kristian has just completed a master degree at Birmingham University, so we were off to attend his graduation. What an amazing experience and totally like being a part of a Harry Potter movie. I loved it!graduation-birmingham-universitybirmingham-graduationHere is Hans-Kristian and I at the graduation. I’m wearing a black dress from Saint Tropez and Hans-Kristian is wearing cap and gown for the ceremony. Psst… Today you can get a 25 percent discount on all dresses from Saint Tropez. Take a look here > 

We took off from Copenhagen Airport Wednesday morning, and for a comfortable flight, I wore my new basic blouse from Saint Tropez, which is so soft. I really like the blue navy color and I think it looks cool with a simple pair of blue jeans for a relaxed everyday outfit.

saint-tropez-navy-blueAfter two days in Birmingham, we went on to London for the weekend, where it stood on sightseeing. We visited among other things beautiful Westminster Abbey, and here I’m in the front of the big church in my new oversize blouse from Saint Tropez. It was the first time I was inside Westminster Abbey, and I’m really stunned by the amazing construction.


Here are some more pictures from my lovely vacation:

birmingham winterbourne garden
Afternoon tea at Winterbourne Garden in Birmingham
Christmas market in Birmingham
london 1
Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and Christmas decorations in London
london 2
Albert Memorial, Royal Albert Hall, Tower Bridge and Trafalgar Square in London

I wish you all a Merry Christmas 🙂

❤ Katrine



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