Dress to impress! -25%!

Soooo, the weather keeps getting colder and everything is still grey. But the streets are filled with beautiful lights and Christmas music, so it doesn’t matter. Every December from around this time, I always stress a lot. Christmas is 9 days away and a lot of things has to be done. Including finding Christmas presents. Luckily I’m already on vacation and have more time than usual to get done with all those things. Believe it or not, but I’m already thinking about what to wear on Christmas Eve. And the timing couldn’t be better.

The next three days, there’s -25% on all dresses for Saint Tropez Friends members. So if you want to look fabulous for Christmas, go out and take advantage of the sale 🙂 If i had to choose a dress, I would choose one of these four dresses.


These dresses are perfect for Christmas, according to me. I was actually wearing the third dress in my post about party dresses. It’s comfy, and fits perfectly. The fourth dress may not seem like such a party dress, but you can easily shine it up with a red lipstick, some jewelry and a pair of boots.
What are your Christmas wishes? And do you know what to wear yet?

Kisses from Sandra

If you want to buy the dresses online, you can get them here:

1. dress: here // 2. dress: here // 3. dress: here // 4. dress: here


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