Don’t settle for less

Skærmbillede 2014-12-10 kl. 17.39.41

Faux fur vest from Saint Tropez – get it HERE!


Girls – do you know that feeling, when you wake up in the morning and it is winter and oh so cold outside? Where you just want to wear your duvet to work, and you don’t really care how you look, because you are tired and cold? I certainly do! Every morning I am like: “I don’t want to get up.. I am just gonna put my hair in a bun and wear a track suit and not care about how I may look today”. BUT, then I go to work and meet all of my stylish co-workers and then I feel like an ugly hobo for not pampering my self up for the day!

Looking good makes you feel good, and I have a theory that if you look and feel good about yourself – you perform better. So don’t settle for less in the morning. That extra 10-20 minutes spend in front of the mirror will do wonders, and make you feel better about yourself, AND make your day better 🙂 WIN!


Today I am wearing the new faux fur vest, which is both soft and stylish. This vest can dress up any look, so that it looks like you’ve made an effort. And even better.. It is WARM!! I styled it with a white shirt and the faux leather leggings from my previous post (I love them), a pair of boots and a clutch. This outfit works both as a day and an evening look. Oh, and my make-up artist Natasha Mortensen wanted me to try something new with my hair, so we make a bow (looks like a combo of Lady Gaga meets Minnie Mouse) – but I kinda dig it anyway!


Xoxo Josefine



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