Amzing and strange

aaaaPicMonkey CollagePicMonkeysaint1 CollageToday I’m wearing my brand new black winter jeans from Saint Tropez. They fit’s really great and everyone can always use a pair of black jeans. The thing I like about those jeans is that the material is a little bit thicker than normal- witch is great when it’s cold outside like right now in Denmark. If you buy two of these jeans at the same time you can safe 200 kroner!!! Amazing offer – check it out here! Iv’e styled the jeans with my favorite belt and my simple shirt from Saint Tropez – check it out here. In these days I live in my cashmere cardigan and walking around in my Lacoste sneakers.

Orhh… I had the best day with my old friend Agnes. She came early today for late breakfast here in Humlebæk. Always amazing to catch up with someone who knows EVERYTHING about you and always is 100 % honest about everything. After breakfast we went to Louisiana for more coffee and to check out the new art exhibition with Olafur Eliasson – it was amazing and very strange at the same time. Maybe in your christmas holiday you should go and check it out? Louisiana is always a great inspiration for me.

Enjoy your day!


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