A second chance

Two weeks ago I was attending a movie screening with co-blogger, Isabella, on the movie “A second chance”.

Isabella and I were wearing the same jackets from Saint Tropez at the event, so funny 🙂

“A second chance” is a movie by the Danish director Susanne Bier, and I was so lucky to meet her.

I really loved the movie, which is about getting a second chance, and I think it is a good thing to have in mind. However bad things will be, it can only get brighter and a second chance will appear if you believe in yourself and hold your head up high.

If you want to feel good about yourself, it is important to have confidence. One way to feel confident is to feel comfortable and good about the clothes you wear. You should therefore never dress according to other people’s opinions, but dress yourself the way you feel most confident.

skater-skirt-shimmer-shirt-768x1024At the moment I really love glittering clothes. It gets me in a good Christmas mood and lights the dark time up, and I felt really comfortable in this new outfit, a glitter T-shirt and a skater skirt from Saint Tropez.

saint tropez outfit

If you want to find yourself a fabulous outfit, you may want to buy it today, where there is a 25 % discount on all clothes from Saint Tropez in your local store or buy online.


I think I will go out and try this sequin dress, which is perfect for New Year’s Eve.

❤ Katrine

What kind of clothes makes you feel good about yourself?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. flaceM says:

    TRUE 😀 glittery pieces surely lifts up the Christmas Vibe ❤

    1. Katrine says:

      Yes, it really does 🙂 Bling bling all over!

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