My winter wishlist

Winter is here. And it’s so cold! Winter is my least favorite season. Everything is dark, and people are in a bad mood all the time, and it literally sucks the air out of you. But, that’s just me. I’m sure that there’s someone out there who love winter. The only thing that bothers me about winter is the cold and the darkness. And the only way I get through winter is by enjoying the good things about it. The long movie nights, the beautiful candles that are lit everywhere, the hot chocolate and hot coffee while you’re wrapped up in blankets and enjoying your favorite movie for the 100th time 🙂winter

From Saint Tropez: Cardigan: Here // Sweater: Here // Dress: Here

While wrapped up in those blankets I would love to wear one of these cozy sweaters, dresses and cardigans. I’m in love with long cardigans and over sized sweaters. There’s just something satisfying about them. They’re perfect for winter!

Do you agree with me about winter?

Kisses from Sandra


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