Relaxed basic outfit

PicMonkey CollageLast week my boyfriend took these pictures of me in his garden. The hole outfit is bought in my favorite Saint Tropez store at Købmagergade. The outfit is really relaxed and suitable when your on the run from early morning to late afternoon. An outfit like this will work god for school and at the office if you’re not in the mood for a skirt or a shirt!

I absolutely adore my white basic blouse it’s a perfect alternative to a shirt. Today, blouses are a far cry from old-fashioned, dainty, high-necked styles that were so popular in Victorian and Edwardian times. I love blouse like the one I’m wearing at the picture. One of the most traditional of all the types of blouses. I think a blouse like this oozes sophisticated sexiness if it’s teamed with a perfect pair of skinny jeans.

Skærmbillede 2014-11-20 kl. 00.04.37I think this outfit is perfect for the season. It is not to much but just basic, comfortable and kinda sexy with the white blouse (please, don’t wear a black bra under something like that). The blue scarf is so soft and I just love the color. The skinny jeans can be used for everything – so I would call them a must have. A great warm cardigan will keep you warm under your jacket in these months. A little tip… Use a god hand creme in these period to get soft and relaxed hands.
10404388_768308483235467_420912019246098829_nIs your Basic wardrobe up to date?

From November 24th until November 26th you get 25% off all Basic styles in your local Saint Tropez store or here:




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