Party Styles




hotos by: Lukas Rastovic

Dress 1: here // Dress 2: here // Boots 2: get them in the stores – 1500 dkk

One of the best things I know, is to wake up the day after a party and smile because you had the best night out! The best thing about partying is being with your friends, listening to music and dance! But my favorite part of going out is actually the part before you actually go out.

The vibe in the room while getting ready with the girls. You laugh together and can spend a lifetime getting ready and taking pictures. Haha 🙂 First you have to pick an outfit, which can take time! (girls, you know what I mean). On the pictures, I’m trying 2 dresses from Saint Tropez.

I like the first one, first of all because it has a beautiful color, and because it’s simple but still fabulous. And it can be worn with boots. I like the second one because it’s so comfortable and simple, but the details on the shoulder/arm makes its special. I had a fun day shooting this because we had to shoot in one the Saint Tropez stores. We shot in the store at Vimmelskaftet, and I have to say that they have the sweetest employees 🙂

What are your favorite party outfits? And what is the best thing you know about going out? Comment and let me know!

Kisses from Sandra

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