6 things I love about fall




Hey Girls

Last week I bought this really pretty shirt. It has the most beautiful black blonde details on the shoulders and it makes it very feminine. It starting to get freezing these days so I wear it with my black fur, jeans and sneaks for a more relaxed everyday outfit. Fall is my favorite season style wise. I thought it would be fun making a little list about what I love about fall, so here we go:

1. Grapping a coffe to go while shopping, the best way to avoid feeling too cold

2. Layering clothes – sweaters, leather jackets and scarf all at the same time!

3. The colors – Like this shirt I love nude colors during fall

4. Falling asleep while hearing rain on your windows – best sound in the whole world! Anyone agrees?

5. All the pretty winter/fall jackets who hit the stores

6. Being able to sit outdoor at a café drinking coffee with a blanket

Thats pretty much it! Take care

– Clara


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  1. Great post CHECK OUT THREADS TO WIN a 50 dollar free gift card to Shopbop or East Dane!! You have amazing style you should definitely try for it!!

    1. clararohde says:

      Thank you very much! I will check it out! 🙂 – Clara

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