90’ish Isa

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The shirt is from Saint Tropez (link) and the slim fit jeans are also from Saint Tropez (link). I have styled my jeans with a vintage belt with leopard print. I bought the belt and my little Chanel’ish leather bag in Firenze in one of the local leather shops last week. I totally love that bag because of the fresh color and perfect size. 

I love dressing up when I’m going out for dinners or crazy nights in the dark. Mostly when I go out for dinner it is with my friends and family, but sometimes it happens… I’m going out to dance, drink champagne like it was water and feel the rhythm of the night. Maybe you have noticed that I wear black a lot, especially when I go out. I just feel better in black. As you can see in the picture, I’m wearing a 90’ inspired outfit today and I just adore this combination.
Skærmbillede 2014-10-28 kl. 17.49.05
Sometimes, I feel more sexy and feminine when I’m wearing one of my black dresses. Fortunately, it is possible to get the same shirt that I’m wearing today as a dress. You can find the dress from Saint Tropez in your local Saint Tropez Store or click on this link. The dress is also perfect for Christmas parties or prom. You just need to take your time to make Smokey eyes, dark red lips and perfect nails. Perfect nails symbolize a woman with control if you ask me – so do not forget those nails ladies!



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