Back from Italy

PicMonkey Collage
I’m back from the best holiday in Tuscany. I have spent my last weeks without any internet or stripes on my phone. Tough life for a full-time blogger… But I think it’s healthy for a girl like me with a break sometimes.

These pictures is from the second day in Italy. Sebastian and I visit a small town near Firenze called Lucca. A wonderful town with perfect restaurants and local shops. I was wearing my lovely skirt from Saint Tropez (link) and my blond top from Saint Tropez (link). I actually love that look. Feminine and comfortable.

PicMonkjey Collage
Every afternoon I went out for a swim and a walk. I just love the silence and peacefulness that I can feel in my hole body when I’m in that area in Tuscany called San Polo – there is something magic about that place!
Sebastian took this picture of me. It shows how relaxed/peaceful and “white” I actually looked. Anyway I love that outfit. So simple. The shirt is absolutely amazing and also from Saint Tropez (link).

Allright! So now I’m back on track and my body is filled up with new energy.

Enjoy your weekend!


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