Jackets And Coats – My Faves

Jakke collage

Jacket 1: Here Jacket 2: Here Jacket 3: Here 

Jackets and coats! There’s nothing better than wearing something big, warm and good looking in this weather.

While writing this, I’m chilling with my girls with a glass of wine and some good food. We’re curled up in blankets and are looking forward to drink some hot chocolate and watch a movie later. These moments are one of my favorites.
When you have good people around you and can talk about everything and laugh about everything.
I asked them about their favorite trend in the autumn and they answered: sweaters, boots, scarfs and beanies.
But mine are coats and jackets! And the three jackets are my favorites from Saint Tropez.
I know the leather jacket isn’t so warm, but it can be if you wear it with a cardigan or sweater under it.

Do you guys have a favorite autumn trend? Leave a comment 🙂

Kisses from Sandra

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