Press screening for a Danish TV-serie

I’m working as an online coordinator at the TV-provider Canal Digital, and I have the responsibility of the TV-blog. Therefore I sometimes get invited to exciting TV-events. Last week I attended a press screening for a Danish TV-serie called “1864”.

There I got to see the first two episodes, and I must say that I’m very hopeful about it. It will for sure be a success here in Denmark, and I can only recommend all the Danish readers to watch it. “1864” has premiere this Sunday at 8 pm on DR1. Enjoy much. 🙂

Since the press screening was a morning event, I had to look fine but not overdressed. So I decided to wear my new blouse from Saint Tropez (link), which I think is very elegant and makes an everyday outfit classy and stylish.

My friend Sarah-Sofie is a Danish actress and she has a main role in “1864”, so after the screening I met her for a little chat and for a selfiemoment. Much fun and nice to see her.

1864 katrine og sarah sofie
Sarah-Sofie and I

Later that day I met with some of the women in my family. We have this cousin-dinner-club once every two months, where we just meet and have fun and eat homecooked food. I really love these gatherings.


It was a very cozy and great night with rosé and fantastic food. Especially the apple cake was amazing 🙂

apple cake

❤ Katrine

Do you have a favorite TV-serie?


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  1. Wow your job sounds very exciting! Friends is one of my favorite tv-series of all time. I wish I could have seen an airing of that.


    1. Katrine says:

      Thank you. I am very grateful for the many experiences. I also love “Friends”, it always makes me happy.

      I checked your blog, it’s really nice 🙂

      Sincerely, Katrine

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