Shopping with a friend

There is nothing better than to go shopping with a friend, it is much cozier than doing it on your own, and has its advantages as well. Some of the advantages are that you can help each other to choose clothes there fits you well, and you can help each other not to buy something you would regret later.

So pick up a good and honest friend next time you go shopping, as there is nothing worse than buying something that you will not use. A good advice is to ask yourself and each other this question: “Will you wear this, or will it just look good in your closet?” If you say yes to the last or has the least doubt, my advice is to go find something else. It is such a shame to spend money on clothes you never will wear.

The perfect cardigan

The other day my friend, Nihal, and I went shopping together in a Saint Tropez store in Glostrup near Copenhagen. The dressing room filled up quickly with nice items, and it was very difficult to decide between what to buy. Luckily, we could help each other making a right decision. Together we agreed that a new cardigan is a must-have this time of year, because it is perfect for extending the use of clothes from your summer wardrobe.

saint tropez changing room

I ended up with a blue cardigan (link), which undoubtedly will spice up my autumn wardrobe, and I will certainly use it over dresses and tops from my summer wardrobe throughout autumn and winter.

saint tropez cardigan

Nihal fell in love with a long cardigan (link) and a pink scarf, which is also perfect for the season.

nihal saint tropez

Have a great weekend 🙂

❤ Katrine

Do you prefer to shop alone or with a friend?



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