Lately I’ve been…





… At Louisiana, A danish museum with some amazing exhibitions by Olafur Eliasson and Emil Nolde. I was wearing my Saint Tropez Jeans and my new fur.


…. Eating sushi at “Sticks and sushi”, favorite place ever! And wearing my new fur, it’s sooo cold in Denmark at the moment so a warm jacket is necessary.


….. Attending the first High School party of the year, The handcuffs is for the theme “Policemen and prisoners”. I also had coffe with some of my friends at “Meyers”.


…. Been to a meeting with the Saint Tropez best friends team. Looking at new stuff that soon will be in stores. Look at this dress! To die for!!

Hey Girls

A little update on my life lately. I’ve been so busy with some really exciting things. Hope you enjoyed it! Cold days are hitting Denmark and therefore it’s time for warmer clothes and winter jackets and boots. The new blog members Kathrine, Josefine and Sandra – such sweet girls and great bloggers as well! Really excited to see what the new chapter on the blog will lead to! 🙂

Hugs, Clara


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