Do you dare to stand out?





Hi you guys 🙂

I have something important to share with you.. Through all my life, I have felt a little different – I guess a lot of people experience this emotion, but when I was little it bothered me a lot. I was the girl with the long arms and legs, who was (too) skinny, (too) tall, had a large forehead and a big nose. And kids made sure, that I knew about my flaws.. It came to a point where I wished for a nose job at the age of 9 years old (and that is so crazy to me now), and when I grew taller I wanted to be petite like my friends!

Well, as I got older I leaned to embrace my features, and make that my “thing”. Actually, I feel sad for those who can’t see the beauty in people who don’t fit the norm of society, and who are scared to show the world who they really are. People who don’t show that “something” that makes them stand out. So if you have that “something” that makes your beauty different, I ask you: “Do you dare to be different? Do you dare to stand out?” It is not always about having a freaky style – it is more about HOW you style yourself to enhance your unique features. When you style an outfit, you always want it to show the best part of you – so embrace your curves, your skinny legs, your amazing breasts or wide shoulders.. Don’t hide – because your insecurity about what other people think is all in your head. If you love yourself, and show your style and personality with CONFIDENCE and ATTITUDE – you will feel so much better about being you and no one will ever doubt that you are beautiful 🙂

The outfit I chose today shows off my crazy long legs; I chose this focus, because it is one of my favorite features (and YES it is OK to like something about yourself). The high waisted shorts adds length to the legs – so if you are short and want to look taller, this is a great trick on how to make your legs look longer. Both prints are a little drastic which creates a bold and different look, and I really think the patterns compliment each other well. Usually people won’t match two different patterns, but I say: “Why not?” It is different and makes the look more “fashion”, and I love crazy outfits – so this look is so me 🙂 As the sharp eye may have noticed, I am wearing the shirt backwards.. I like this cut way better, as the deep cut now shows off a part of my back. Remember, there are no rules in styling – when you purchase something it is up to you to make it POP and look amazing.


Have fun styling your “flaws” and look fabulous! Confidence is key in being beautiful – so embrace what makes you different:) You are your own worst critic, so why not let go and be yourself? Be happy?

XoXo Josefine


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