Feeling Blue







Photos by: Lukas Rastovic

Those kind of days when you wake up and just feel weird. You lie there in your bed and look up at
the ceiling. For a couple of minutes you forget everything, but suddenly you think about everything
at once. You have so many things in your head. It’s overwhelming. You just don’t feel like doing
anything at all. You have so many things to do, so many things to take care of. But right in that
moment, everything seems irrelevant, everything annoys you and you feel like shit. But the worst
thing is that you don’t know whats wrong. You just know that the only thing you wanna do is to
lie in your bed all day. We’ve all been there and if you haven’t, you will someday.

I’ve certainly been there, more than once. And what I do about it is to stop holding on to what hurts
and making room for what feels good. It sounds easy, but It’s actually really hard. First I usually
think about everything that’s stopping me from having a good day. And most of the times, it’s a lot
of stuff that don’t matter at all. It’s just things that are hard to let go off, if you’re a girl. But when
I decide to forget it all and just get on with my life, I do it. And I promise that it’s a damn good feeling!
Get out of your bed, put on some good music and spoil yourself all day.
Take a long bath, do your nails, watch your favorite TV show or just try something new!
But of course, the best of all: Go shopping! I think we all know that shopping cures everything 🙂

When it’s this time of year, it could be a good idea to go get something comfy.
Like the cardigan I’m wearing in the pictures. It’s from Saint Tropez and you can buy it here,
or in the stores. It’s so comfortable and I’m looking forward to wearing it on long cozy days
with some hot chocolate and good music.

But most important:
Remember to love yourself and try not to let anything stand in the way of your happiness.

Kisses from Sandra


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