Taking the leap!




Dark blue tunic from Saint Tropez – GET IT HERE !

Hi there 🙂

So, this is literally my first blog post ever as a Best Friends blogger! I took a lot of time wondering what to post for my debut, and i thought to myself: “Hmm.. why not let people know what to expect from me?” So here we go..

Fun fact nr. 1: I am a very creative person – I love love loooove to play with visuals, layers and changing concepts. Once i even wore a skirt as a top.. silly huh!? To me, thinking outside the box is what creates uniqueness to your style, and i am not afraid to stand out – even if some people think it is crazy.. That’s just me 🙂

Fun fact nr. 2: I am very tall (180 cm/ 5’11 ft) and i have a hard time finding pants and jeans that are long enough, so when i was little my mom sew fringes on my pants, to make them look longer! Jeez.. What a nightmare. Luckily i have found some great ways to conceal blunt pants and make it look fashionable – so if you are tall like me, stay tuned for tips and tricks on how to style those long limbs 😉

Fun fact nr. 3: Blue is one of my favorite colours (this fact isn’t exactly fun – but still a fact)! So in my future posts you will often see me in shades of blue, white, black, grey, bourdeaux and nudes.

That is about it for today – I hope you will keep following the blog for more inspiration, tips and tricks!

Xxx Josefie


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    Hi everyone 🙂 please follow Saint Tropez Best Friends where I also will be blogging!

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