“All my friends are dying. That’s why I always wear black”, said Joan Rivers.
A beautiful fashion icon and a woman with a sense of humour that makes me laugh and enjoy life.
Unfortunately she passed away a couple of days ago. But she will forever be loved.
For those who doesn’t know her, she was an actress, comedian, writer, producer and television host.
I loved watching “fashion police” and I loved her personality and her passion for what she did.
She’s one of the persons I can truly say inspire me so much!

Well, Joan Rivers, I dedicate this black outfit to you.

I’m in love with this beautiful vest from Saint Tropez. It’s so comfortable and you can either
dress it up or dress it down. I matched it with a black blouse and a pair of black jeans.
And then I styled it up with the silver necklace that you can find in the shop.
Witch I think is a beautiful detail. The vest can be styled in so many different ways!
Try to style it up for a night out with a simple dress like this,
or you can try to style it down and keep it casual with a simple top and loose pants like these.
The possibilities are endless. Just have fun with it!

In memory of Joan Rivers (June 8, 1933 – September 4, 2014)

Kisses from Sandra

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