My favorite fall items

sætefterår2014 sætjakkerefterår2014 - Kopi

Pants: Saint Tropez (style M5019)//Shirt: Saint Tropez (style M1026)//Jewelry: Maanesten//Purse: H&M//Shoes: Dune

Jackets from Saint Tropez; Pink (style M7018)//Long coat (style M7017)//Short coat (style M2028)

Hi girls,

I really didn’t expect to be cold and be looking for warm comfy coats and outfits already. I mean – it’s only August?! However, it’s dropped from 30C to 15C the past few weeks in Copenhagen, therefore, I’ve been online to find some of the new stuff for fall. I’m still crazy about this summer’s big trend with the matching outfits like the one above, and then I like all of the jackets from Saint Tropez. How cool is the pink one? Bringing summer back a little. Check out the jacket on Saint Tropez’ webshop HERE.

Love Natasja S.

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