Summer snapshots


Snapshots from my summer staycation in my hometown Copenhagen. Here’s my new necklace with my name. Necklace: Chanti//Top: Saint Tropez


A small trip to Esbjerg.


Happy to see these statues for the first time in my life. Top: Saint Tropez//Shorts: H&M//Shoes: Samsøe & Samsøe//Shades: Ray-Ban


Brunch with my boyfriend.


A little tired and very happy. I love eating outside and spending time at our balcony.


The view from the balcony at night. Lovely right? 


I’ve been reading books on the balcony too.


One night we ate out. We had these fantastic burgers at Bronx Burger in Copenhagen.

Hi Girls,

How are you? I’m currently enjoying the lovely Danish summer in Copenhagen where I live. I’m having sort of a staycation in my on hometown. My boyfriend and I recently moved into a new flat with the nicest balcony. We spend most of our vacation out there (when we are not working on making the flat the perfect home – building walls etc.). I’m mainly wearing shorts and a top these days as the weather is really showing off here in Denmark. So I don’t have lots of fancy outfits to show you. It’s hot, the sun is shining and I better head of to the beach soon! Hope you’re enjoying the summer whereever you are?

❤ Natasja


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