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It’s summer… and when the weather not allow us to show the world our “Beyonce legs” then we must wear something else. CHOOSE WHITE SKINNY JEANS! It’s so cool with white jeans because you can style them with almost everything. I’m wearing THIS model – and the wonderful news is you save 50 % if you buy them on the web shop – it’s sale time ladies!

….what are you doing in these days Isa?
I have been so stressed and busy because of my exams! It’s a strange period in my life right now because I have to finish High School for sure and say goodbye to a daily life routine that I loved every single day. High School has been the best time in my life so far – I’ve learned so much, travel with my best friend’s, danced on every single stage at the school to all the parties and figured out what I’m good at – and what I must focus on to get success in my life!

Yesterday me and boyfriend took a day of a Skodsborg Spa og Fitness. It was so lovely to “get away” from all the book’s and my computer. If you live in Denmark – you must go if you need a day or a weekend off. I feel blessed with energy right now!
Orhhh… So lovely! Pssst… This season it’s totally in wearing swim suits! I’m wearing one from POPCPH.


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