Summer Vibes

Hey girls ❤

I’m in love with Saint Tropez’ new flared sleeve shirt in a light rose color – so beautiful.
The black lace top, is also from Saint Tropez, and it would be perfect to wear underneath the rose shirt, to create a more detailed outfit.
All the rose golden rings and necklace are from Jane Kønig. I really like the color “rose golden”, normally I don’t like gold at all, but when it has a bit of rose color, I think it’s absolutely stunning. The high heeled sandal is from Asos, and the shorts are from Zara.

I think it’s a lovely outfit for summer, and if you want to make it an “evening outfit”, you can just wear a black blazer, that would match perfect!

Buy the black lace top HERE
Buy the light rose colored shirt HERE (also made in green and yellow)

Enjoy your sunday evening!


Olivia ❤

Skærmbillede 2014-06-15 kl. 17.18.02


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