Summer vibes

Well… well… WELL! It’s time for naked legs and summer dresses! I felt in love with this lovely dress from Saint Tropez. It’s perfect for parties, dinners and just normal chill days with a bikini under. You can buy the dress here in 3 different colors (right now it’s on sale).
Fotografi den 02-06-14 kl. 12.54
In these days I’m quit stressed because of my exams. Drinking lot’s of coffee and reading the same pages again and again. It’s so sad being finished with High School. I will miss being around my best friends everyday, hanging out after school, the parties, the secrets, the fun and most of all the energy. Well… It’s time for me to move on, move to Copenhagen, work and focus on my future. Can’t wait!
Right now I will give my self a little break. Read COVER and become clever on my writing by reading this journalistic book. I will enjoy this San Pellegrino from a cocktail glass and imagine it’s a heavy drink…

See you in the streets. It’s Distortion in few days in Copenhagen and I’m ready.



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