The // perfect // blazer

DSC_0017 DSC_0019 DSC_0006
I have so many different jackets and blazers. I love jackets and espasially blazers – and I actually don’t know why. I think it’s because a cool blazer can complete an outfit in a brilliant way. Today I’m wearing a warm little rose colored dress and a Georg Jensen pearl necklace and a Jane Kønig love tag. I’m also wearing two small pearl earrings – pearls are really in right now, I like that!
As you can see at the pictures I’m wearing a blazer today. It’s a basic black blazer from Saint Tropez and typically I’m wearing it on my jobs and at school of course! You can never get to many blazers…
Well… well… WELL! I just found my next must have on Saint Tropez web store (pssst… remember there is mid seosen sale right now)! I love this model because you can wear it with everything, and a blazer like this can make a boring outfit look much more stylish and glamours – just put on some red lipstick and big pearls around your neck. You can find the blazer here!

Did you have a great weekend Isa? Ohhhh!! Thank you for asking. I had a wonderful weekend with lot’s of kisses, alternative dance moves, champagne all over my body and I was together with some of my best friends. OH! I’m back on track with my training. I had a long break but finally the motivation is back in my hole body – it’s amazing.

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