What // I // Need

Shoes: Oill sneaks (link) // Jeans: Villa // Bag: Oill (link) // Silk shirt: Saint Tropez // Blazer: Saint Tropez // Jacket: Saint Tropez (link) // Necklace: Jane Kønig (link) // Earrings: Jane Kønig 

Well hallo out there!
I hope you all had a great weekend with champagne, cake and wild hair (or without the champagne) haha! My weekend was really great. I had a fun friday with my boyfriend and some of my amazing class mates (…fun, until I had a little accident on my way home 2;45 am on my bike – thank you Sebastian if you read this, thank you darling)! Saturday I went to the theater to see a lovely girl acting – it was a play about life and forgiveness! Sunday I was invited to a private party at HIVE hosted by Carlsberg/Sommersby – I’m looking so much forward to see the pictures from that night! Well… well… well… I guess this was one of those weekends with to much of everything – but can we get to much love? I don’t think so.


I felt in love with this simple and feminine 100 % silk shirt from Saint Tropez last week – and quick I went down to Helsingør to buy it. It is so comfortable and soft – what do you think? I love white because you can style it with everything and I love silk even more – it’s my favorite materiel!


Last friday a post man rang at the door and he had a big box for me. First I thought it was a big mistake because I haven’t ordered anything for a long time. When I opened the box I found out it was a gift from Nescafe. They had sent me a letter, old pictures from my blog (www.isa-tankestreg.dk) with my best friends, chocolate, croissants, roses and the most lovely new coffee types! My absolutely new favorite is; Latte Macchiato !!!


I’ve made a list with things that I desperately need – maybe you can find some inspiration for yourself!

1. A cool summer bag from Oill (link) – 2. This beautiful skirt from Saint Tropez (link) – 3. A warm lovely swather in this amazing purple color from Saint Tropez (link) – 4. New big sunglasses from Celine – 5. A lovely pair of comfortable sneakers from Oill (link)!

Enjoy your week!



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