Last week


Hey girls ❤

My week has been full of family and happiness ❤

First (and best thing), I got my braces off!!! – Wonderful! I have been waiting for it to happen for over two years now, so I was blissful when it came off 🙂

foto 4

I had brunch with my mom and dad at Wulff & Konstali, it’s a super cool concept. You get a piece of paper, were you have to tick off five things you want and the price is only 85 dkr.  I can REALLY recommend this!  

foto 2Another big thing:

Thursday my great-grandmother had birthday, but it wasn’t just a “normal” birthday, she turned 100!!!!
It was amazing to celebrate her, and I’m proud that she is my great-grandmother 🙂

I bought a huge bunch of pink roses for her, and she had a wonderful day 🙂

foto 2

The 4th of april I’m going to “galla” at my school – I’m so exited 🙂

I have found my dress, and finally I have found my shoes.
They are from Zara, and they are soooo high, so I have to practice, if I don’t want to fall!

Skærmbillede 2014-03-23 kl. 13.02.13

This spring I have fallen in love with yellow, so I have made this “Yellow Look” which I really really like 🙂
First outfit (to the left): Yellow tunic: Saint Tropez buy here // Necklace: Jane Kønig // Shoes: Asos
Second outfit (in the middle): T-Shirt: Saint Tropez buy here // Skirt: Saint Tropez buy here // Shoes: Asos
Third outfit (to the right): Shirt: Saint Tropez buy here // Blazer: Saint Tropez buy here // Pants: Saint Tropez buy here // Shoes: Asos // Nail Polish: Chanel //

Enjoy your week ❤

Olivia ❤


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