Danish // sailer // look

DSC_0054 2
What are you wearing Isa? Today I’m wearing two brand new things from Saint Tropez. First of all I’m quit sure that skinny white pants will be a summer hit so I bought the pair that I’m wearing at the picture. (Tip; Always were pants that makes you ass looks really hot)! The other new thing I bought is my basic Maritime cardigan (buy here) – I love stripes because they reminds me of Coco Chanel and the sea! My T-shirt is kinda 90’s and from Lacoste, I think it was a good combination!

Well hallo ladies, I hope you had enjoyed this lovely and sunny weekend with family and friends. This friday Alberte invited me and Sandra over for dinner, white wine – and Sandra had bought us a gift (vodka..) well… we had a fun night! Yesterday I went out for shopping with my mom and sister and came home with this outfit! My day ended up in bed with my lovely boyfriend we watched movies over a glass of red wine and a lot of ice-cream. This weekend has been really sweet in many ways…
I found some of the greatest moments for this weekend!
Enjoy your sunday!



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