She is back // must have

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES ljæ SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI had an awesome trip to Amsterdam with my ladies. One week in a penthouse, one week with delicious dinner’s, one week with shopping and one week with dancing on the tables in different night clubs. Amsterdam is a lovely city with so much history and interesting places. When you are young and have a busy everyday with school, homework and work I think it’s a really god idea to have something to look forward to “A HOLIDAY” with some of your best friends or boyfriend – because then the time will fly by!

MUSTHAVESAINTTROPEZAll right, it’s getting warmer and warmer here in Denmark. Well.. still not summer yet – we still need to dress in warm  clothes. I’ve found some must have for your wardrobe in this period. Look at this lovely fisherman sweater it’s absolutely perfect and comfortable and I think this sweater would be the perfect match to these coated skinny jeans!

Have a nice day and put on some lipgloss!



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