Copenhagen Fashion Week / Saint Tropez event

The dress I’m wearing on this picture is on sale!!! IT’S SO CHEAP NOW…BUY HERE

Hallo ladies!
FINALLY, Copenhagen Fashion Week is started. I’m so exited for all the cool events, shows and of course after parties in town in these cold days!

Tommorow (31.1.2014)  I’ll be from 15-18 pm in the Saint Tropez Store at Vimmelskaftet – Saint Tropez is hosting this really cool event – and you are invited so bring all your friends and meet me at Vimmelskaftet. I will help you getting the perfect make over and give you some inspiration to try something new. We will have goodiebags ready for the first 50 buying customers, fashionable offers and refreshments all night.

You can read more about the event on Copenhagen Fashion Week’s website right here!

My outfit today. I actually don’t know why I’m posing like that… maybe It’s because my friend took this picture at school in the middle of a lunch break?! Whatever, the cardigan and dress is from Saint Tropez and the Necklace is from Jane Kønig.

Short update from my life: Danced like it was my last friday on earth last week with my lovely friends from High School. Had coffee with an old friend. Booked flights to Amsterdam (I’m going for five days with my best friends during the winter holiday). I had worked really hard on my personal blog (www.isa-tankestreg) in these days. My brain is constantly thinking about my future after High School – I only got six month left! Buuut… I always say this to my self when I started worry to much: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”!

I Hope to see a lot of you guys tomorrow!



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