Hey ❤
Wanted to show you my other new jacket – the graphic jacket! (buy here)
Super cool!
The jacket is also made in black buy here

I’ve also bought this new “fluffy” skirt from H & M, special but nice 🙂
My high heeled shoes are from H & M. The black t-shirt is from Selected. The earrings are from Moss Copenhagen and the watch is from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

As you can see at the picture below, I’m wearing maaaany rings. To be exactly, I’m wearing 10 rings 🙂
I love to wear many rings, because I think it looks rather different, when you have this girly skirt and graphic jacket, and then it makes the outfit a bit raw.


I hope you will all have a lovely weekend!
I went on weekend with all my “exams” grades. I did really well, luckily, so I’m more than ready, to sent out my application for the high schools. 


Olivia ❤DSC_0003


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