Wonderful tops

Hey girls 🙂

I hope you’ll had a great christmas with your friends and family. Got some nice gifts, delicious food, and just had a good time – I certainly had 🙂

At Saint Tropez webshop I fell in love with all this beautiful tops. I went to Copenhagen to the Saint Tropez shop and tried a lot of new arrivals, and ended up buying number 2 and 8 (I will show them in my next posts).

I always need more tops and t-shirts than pants and skirts, so my closet is mostly filled up with “upper part tops” so i thought, “why not buy some more” and therefore I did, and I couldn’t be more happy!

In only four days it’s New Years Eve. I’m going to be with six wonderful girls. I’m so exited, and hopefully it will be a great evening with lots of fun 🙂

Don’t remember to visit your local Saint Tropez shop, there is looots of good styles to buy and some is up to 50% off – not bad at ALL 🙂

I hope you’ll will have a fantastic New Years Eve. “See you” in 2014.
Happy New Year,

Olivia ❤

zxcvbnm,.-//1: Black shirt //2: Graphic jacket //3: Yellow angora //4: Leopard t-shirt //5: Animal bomber //

//6: Quilted jacket //7: Leopard shirt //8: Mix fabric bomber //9: Hairy cardigan //10: Leopard shirt //


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