Christmas is a feeling

SaintTropez1 sainttropez2

I’m wearing a vintage black basic dress from an unknown little shop in Barcelona. The bracelet is from Jane Kønig. The high heeled shoes is from MIU MIU. The blazer from Saint Tropez (buy here) and it’s really comfortable and clazzy. The blazer is perfect for work, school and a formal evening.

Hallo ladies!
First of all… Thank you so much for showing up last Wednesday in the two big Saint Tropez stores in Copenhagen. I had a lot of fun at Vimmelskaftet – and it was really learning for me to guide different types of women so they could find the right outfit for a christmas lunch, a party or new years eve!
…no matter what, you will always find me in something black when I’m showing up to a party or an event! Mostly!


I got these lovely earrings from Stine A last week. I absolutely love them. I love when it’s sparkling lightly from the ears. Always remember to dress your outfit with the right jewelry! These are perfect for Christmas, and generally I just love the cross symbol!


Aaaaat laaaast “my love has come along”… Kidding. At last I will show you some perfect items for this season. I just love these dark red pants (buy here). If you want the warm, classy and female look in this period you must wear the amazing old school blazer (buy here)!

Have a lovely week and remember – Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling in your heart.


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