All I want for Christmas is…

Hey Girls.

WOW the time goes so fast. It’s already the 1st of December, and christmas is getting closer.
This week, I’m going to buy my christmas gifts to my lovely family and friends, but I have also made my wish list (ahead of time this year), with lots of beautiful clothes.
Here are my wish list, clothes from Saint Tropez, you’ll find all the links under the pictures below.
So please dear Santa… Make my wishes come true 🙂

Enjoy the Christmas time, and don’t forget to save the date, wednesday December 4th 🙂


Olivia ❤

Skærmbillede 2013-12-01 kl. 12.44.14

//1: Gold Necklace // 2: Black top // 3: Jersey pants // 4: White blouse // 5: Leopard blouse // 6: Faux leather leggings // 7: Long Leopard cardigan // 8: Leopard jacket //


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